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Truckers need to vote!

Everyday we have the opportunity to make our voices heard. We have the power to vote on proposals that better our businesses, our communities and our country. It is so important to vote, and you can find out how to register in your state by clicking here.

Don't sit on the couch thinking that you are just one person who isn't going to make an impact. Changes are happening all the time. Get involved by signing-up to receive OOIDA's Calls to Action or as an OOIDA member, become an OOIDA PAC contributor. As an OOIDA PAC contributor, you help educate lawmakers on the important issues of all small business professional truckers. By subscribing to the Calls to Action, you'll get the lastest trucking industry alerts and updates that require your help and input.

(Contributions to the PAC are completely voluntary.  Members are free to contribute any amount or no amount without reprisal.  OOIDA PAC uses member donations to help elect individuals to Congress who will support OOIDA’s goals.)

Utilize and uphold your rights, because you and OOIDA together means that truckers voices WILL BE heard. Knowledge is power, so become educated on who and what you're voting for and get involved.

  • Project Vote Smart, a non-profit organization, has made it their mission to spotlight every candidate going into an election. They have put together a full-time research staff made-up of volunteers. Together, they have dug and compiled extensive biographies of every player on the field. If you want to know how a candidate voted on past issues, their positions, public statements, campaign finances, this organization provides that information. The next time you go to the voting booth you can vote confidently and vote smart!


OOIDA represents all professional truckers from company drivers and owner-operators to retired truckers and spouse members. Although the operations of our members may vary, the bottom line does not. We must all stand together to make the industry a better place for current and future generations of truckers.

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